Egypt Giza Pyramids Travel Guide

One of the 7 wonders of the world, the Giza Pyramids, about 4,000 years old, the most important tourist area in Cairo , which is still unsolved how or for what it was built. In fact, the largest pyramid here is the Pyramid of Cheops, one of the 7 wonders of the world.

In this article, I will talk about transportation to Giza Pyramids, entrance fees, buildings to be seen and important recommendations.

The largest pyramid in this vast area called the Giza Plateau is the Pyramid of Cheops (Khufu) . Other than that, the great pyramids are Kefren (Khafre) and Mikerinos (Menkaure) Pyramids.

  • How to get to Giza Pyramids?

The fastest and most trouble-free way to reach Giza Pyramids from Cairo center is to use UBER. On average it keeps around 70 EGP. If you want to go by metro, which is one of the public transportation options, don’t be fooled that the name of the metro stop is Giza. It is 9 km from the pyramids. You can go down and get off by taxi here, but I recommend you to take a taxi directly from the city center because the prices are already affordable.

  • Entrance Fee to Giza Pyramids

The fee paid for the general entrance to the area called Giza Plateau is 120 EGP. Entering the largest pyramid, the Great Pyramid of Keops is 300 EGP. If you’re going to enter the Great Pyramid, they sell a combined ticket to 400 EGP. This ticket includes the general entrance, the entrance to the Pyramid of Cheops and the Boat Museum. My advice here is that you only give money for general check-in. Because the inside of the Great Pyramid is completely disappointing. From a place like Kabataş-Taksim funicular, you go up by staying in blood sweat. The view you see at the end is an empty room. I don’t think he has any jokes. You can see from the video below.

  • Buildings

The first structure that appears after the ticket check is the Great Pyramid or Keops (Khufu) Pyramid . As I mentioned above, it is possible to enter the Pyramid of Cheops, the last surviving structure of the 7 wonders of the world. They want 300 EGPs for this. If you are going to check in, you should give 400 EGP and buy a combined ticket. As a result, the interior of the pyramid is completely disappointing, as seen in the video above. So I think it’s not worth the money I gave.

In fact, although there were many different parts inside the Pyramid of Cheops, it was either closed for restoration or no access was allowed. That’s why I could only see an empty room.

The largest and largest pyramid after the Keops Pyramid is the Pyramid of Khafre . We understand that this pyramid is the Kefren Pyramid because the protective material at the end still appears.

The other input-output in the Giza Plateau near the door with a human-headed lion sculpture Sphinx statue and left the pyramid appears small on the back side of the last of the three major pyramids Pyramid of Menkaure ‘dir.

Apart from these important structures, there are smaller Pyramids of the Queen near the Pyramid of Mikerinos . In addition, there are various rock tombs and sometimes boat pits.

Another place I will talk about on the Giza Plateau is Pharaoh’s Keops BC. It is estimated to have been built in 2500. This boat was buried as a result of this idea, as there is a culture in ancient Egypt that valuable objects can be used after death. The boat, which has been combined and restored in the Boat Museum , which now includes a combined ticket, is on display on the upper floor of the museum. The Boat Museum is located just behind the Great Pyramid of Cheops.

  • Important Recommendations

As soon as you enter the Giza Pyramids area after the ticket check-in place, the mobile sellers and the people who try to identify themselves as guides are immediately stuck. Since this is often disturbing, I would like to make some recommendations from my own observations.

  1. First of all, ticket control is done only once during the entire Giza Plateau. That’s the first entrance. So there will be a lot of people who identify themselves as guides or officials. Don’t show or give your ticket. Don’t even ignore these people. Of course, if you are going to the Boat Museum and the Keops Pyramid, you must show your ticket to the attendant there. Note that there is no sharp control other than that.
  2. I told you not to give your ticket to people who want to look at your ticket and as a self-employed person. Sometimes these people don’t give back the tickets they get to look at tourists or they want money to give. If you buy a combined ticket, you cannot enter inside the Pyramid of Cheops without tickets and enter the Boat Museum. Or you will pay again.
  3. As soon as you see them, the guides will probably stick to you. This is the official rule. Follow me ”. Don’t even take a canal. Keep moving. They’re probably gonna yell at you. Don’t listen.
  4. The officially announced price for visiting the area with the camels is 100 EGP for 1 hour. They will probably call you 200 EGP per hour.
  5. For camel rides, it is important to note that, for example, the Egyptian pound prices, which can be returned to the US dollar at once. If you do not give this money, the owner of the camel will not bring you down from the camel, and the animal may become vicious. An American couple I met had to pay 150 EGP for 150 USD for a camel ride they agreed.
  6. If you have time and feel good, my advice is to walk on your own. Since the pyramids and other structures are spread over a wide area, you can easily walk on your own, even though there are hundreds of meters apart. That’s what I did.
  7. Go to the Pyramids of Giza near the opening time in the morning. In this way, you will get rid of both tour buses and noon heat. Nevertheless, do not forget to have plenty of water with you.
  8. Finally, my advice, once you enter the vast area of ​​pyramids – if you will not buy anything and do not ride camels or horses – not to be in any way. You don’t even have to answer. After a while, they’il let you go. Sometimes they may exaggerate and try to hold your arm. For example, I know I stuck to his throat when a guide who identified himself as an officer tried to grab my arm.

As a result, this approach to tourists, especially in the world’s most important ancient sites is really sad. Hopefully you will be checked in here by state or private agency as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will cool people from Cairo.

  • Eating and drinking

There are no cafes and buffet-style businesses in the area where the Giza Pyramids are located. If you get hungry, when you go outside the entrance-exit door close to the Sphinx, there are Pizza Hut, KFC and various restaurants. You can dine here.

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