Moscow, Russia Travel Notes

 I will talk about Moscow, the beautiful capital of Russia, which I think is highly curious . 

Russia was one of the geographies I wanted to see for a long time. In line with my plan, I will first discover Moscow. My travel notes , you can read all of Moscow’s sights and general impressions from Russia .

How to get to Moscow?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 . I was ready to start a brand new trip. My flight to take me to Russia leaves at 12 noon. I’m taking my bag and leaving.

My flight today is from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport. I will arrive directly to Moscow by Pegasus Airlines. After the checks, we get on the plane and take off!

The distance between Istanbul and Moscow will be approximately 1700 kilometers . You can pass this distance in 2.5 hours by airline. This is the easiest way to get to Moscow. In addition, there are frequent scheduled flights from different countries of Russia.

Alternatively, there are trains from most cities in Eastern Europe to Moscow . For those who want an adventurous route, it can be a unique route!

General Information About Russia

I want to give general information about Moscow and Russia before arriving in the city.

Russia is in fact a close witness to everyone, whose territory spans most of the world. and has a long history. Russian history, which began in the years before Christ, first gained a Russian State in 862.

Founded in 1991 after the disintegration of the Soviet Union with the past centuries, the Russian Federation is today an important country with its Putin, Sharapova, Kremlin, Kızılmeydan and close relations with our country. The official currency of the country is Russian Ruble and the language is Russian. 

Where is Moscow?

As of 2016, the Russian Federation hosts over 140 million people. It is also the largest country in the world in terms of surface area!

Moscow is the capital of this huge country and one of the most important commercial, socio-cultural and political points in the world. It is located in the west of the country, northeast of Europe. Europe’s second most populous city after Istanbul with a population of over 10 million .

Moscow, which was founded around 1117 at a time that can be considered as a river with its name, is an important center of tourism as it is in every field these days.

Is it necessary to get a visa to Russia?

As of 2017, you will need a visa for your travels to the Russian Federation .This applies to all passport types of our country. Actually, I didn’t need this visa during my visit, so I didn’t get a visa, but things have changed now that I wrote my travel notes.

When I was in Moscow am the most pleasant city without a visa had a slogan ama, but I regret that I have to take this promise back.

After about three hours of flight, we descend for descent.

The first thing that catches my attention is the lush surroundings of Moscow. Everywhere I can see is covered in lush forests. We’re almost landing on the trees!

Entry Form to Russia

I am at Moscow Domodedovo Airport at 3:00 PM local time. It is difficult to pronounce this name at first sight! Domodedovo is one of Moscow’s three major airports. Located about 45 kilometers south of the city.

The Kril Alphabet, which appeared in the first minutes, seems to make my job more difficult. I fill out the Immigration Form before I come to the passport control department  . This form contains questions about how many days you will stay in the country and why you are coming.

In fact, passport control is generally easier and shorter in countries where such a form is entered. Because you have already answered the questions that the passport officer will ask you, but this is a first time!

A few seconds after I gave the form, the officer told me something in Russian, but after I answered “English? Yap, he made the okay sign and immediately stamped me into the country. The first time I see a passport officer who obviously does n’t speak English . Of course, I have never been one of the tourists coming to our country!

Domodedovo Airport – Moscow Transportation

I told you Domodedovo Airport is a bit far from the city. The best way to get to the city center from here is by trains. You can reach Paveletskaya station in the city center in 45 minutes with these trains departing right in front of the airport.

The cost of boarding these trains called Aeroexpress is 420 rubles, ie 25 pounds.

The train goes over the ground along the way so that I begin to enter the city’s atmosphere with the sights I have seen!

Moscow Metro

I’m at Paveletskaya Station now. First, I’m going to the Landmark Hostel in the Arbat District, where I booked in advance. I’il use the Moscow Metro to get here .

Moscow Metro is one of the oldest and most developed subways in the world . It is possible to reach the desired point of the city in Moscow in this way. Also the designs of these underground stations should be seen.

First Impressions from Moscow

Immediately after logging into my hostel and leaving my stuff, I start to wander.

First of all, I draw my attention to the pleasant buildings and wide streets dominated by light colors . It will not be difficult to understand that a frame I will photograph here belongs to Moscow.

Since my place is close to the center of the city, I keep walking. But there are rules for walking in Moscow!

Yes the walk here is a serious job , because there is almost no traffic light on the roads and you have to use the underpasses to cross the street. These underpasses don’t exist anywhere, of course. If you miss where it is, you may have to extend the road like me.

Places to Visit in Moscow

I can see the Russian State Library from afar . This is the first important building I’ve seen in the city. I can tell you the structure is very imposing. You can also visit for free during the day.

I arrive at the square where Marshal Zhukov Monument, which can be called the heart of Moscow, is located. This place is like a 360 degree panoramic open air museum , with imposing and different buildings all around me.

The first is  Four Seasons Hotel Moscow . Located in one of the most important points of Moscow, this hotel is also a tourist building. It stands out with its architecture and size.

Next is the Russian State Historical Museum Building . The English State Historical Museum is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. The museum, which was built in 1872, is a fascinating example of Russian architecture and its dark red color!

There is a Russian War Museum right next to it . The architecture of this structure, which escapes to a little more light red, is also worth seeing. In fact, I would say the same for most buildings in this part of Moscow. I am really excited to see examples outside of the architecture I am used to in Europe.

Moscow’s Zero Point

Among the two museum buildings I mentioned, the point that opens to Kızılmeydan is Moscow’s Zero Point . In ancient times, this was the starting point for measuring the distance from Moscow to other cities. Today there is a monument in memory of this place. 

I am now in a world-famous location that integrates with the name Moscow; Red Square.

Red Square

Red Square is the most important point of the Russian States and Moscow since the 15th century . In this region, which is located in the middle of the city, a market was established in the early days. After the Kremlin Palace was built next to the square, it became the Red Square, starting from the red which also means “beautiful Rusça in Russian.

Red Square has been the scene of important political events, ceremonies and executions throughout history . The general architecture of the square and the imposing buildings around it can actually smell this historic.

Today there is a huge scene in the middle of the square. I think it’s going to be a fun concert . I’m usually lucky to have a trip on these issues, and this time can be a surprise!

The two museums I mentioned about Kızılmeydan, Kremlin, GUM Shopping Center and St. Surrounding St. Basil’s Cathedral.

Moscow Kremlin

The most important of these is the Kremlin .

In Russian, the Kremlin means castle, fortress, castle and it is called Moscow Kremlin .

The Moscow Kremlin covers a large area, which was first built in the late 15th century. This was the place where the Russian tsars lived throughout history . In time, after the addition of Borovitskaya Tower, Beklemishhev Tower, St. Nicholas – St. Florian Gates and some religious spots, the great palace was built in the 19th century.

In addition, the Great Ivan Bell Tower, which was added to the Kremlin in 1600, has the largest bell in the world, Tsar Kolokol , weighing 218 tons .

Today, the Kremlin Palace, the residence of the President of the Russian Federation , is one of the symbols of Moscow .

The imposing walls of the Kremlin, which you can see from Kızılmeydan, and other towers, especially The Spasskaya Tower, are really impressive. These walls reflect the history and power of Russia.

It’s nice to see the Kremlin from a distance. Those who want to look closely need to buy a ticket in advance. You must spend a half day with a private tour. Inside you can see important parts of the tsarist era.

St. Vasil’s Cathedral

Now I’m in the Cathedral of St. Vasil , a member of Kizilmeydan , who has come from the wonderland .

St. Vasil’s Cathedral is the most iconic structure of Moscow and Russia. It is a very different structure with itslocation and history and its special architecture .

Eight domes of the church, which was built by Ivan the Terrible in 1551 to commemorate the Russians’ victories against Kazan and Astrakhan Khanates, represented eight victories.

Rumor has it that St. Vasil’s Cathedral was designed by an Italian architect and was blinded so that it would not happen again, and then the building set an example for Russian architecture.

If we go through the technical and historical parts, the colorful domes of St. Vasil’s Cathedral resemble an ice cream. As the day approaches sunset, with the lightly tapping sun, these colors are a beautiful addition!

It’s getting dark now. Although it is May, there is a warm and sunny weather. The weather in Moscow, known for its arduous winters, is now over 20 degrees, but after the sun loses its effect, the weather gets slightly cool and I wear something with long sleeves on me!

Moscow River

Finally, I go to the Moscow River . I can say right behind the Cathedral of St. Vasil. The views of the river structures are very pleasant. It is also possible to see local excursion boats on the river, a city where the river divides into two snakes.

Today, with my journey from Istanbul, it has been a long and tiring day for me. It’s time for me to come back to my hostel and get some rest. Things to do in Moscow have not completed yet . Tomorrow I’ll go to the remaining points of Moscow to see and thoroughly breathe the air of the city!

Thursday, May 21, 2015 . I wake up in Moscow. Time to explore the city after a delicious breakfast!

First, I head to the Red Square, where I stopped visiting yesterday evening. Today is the Alexander Garden , located at the back of the Kremlin . 

This is the largest and most beautiful park in the city center. The landscape surrounding the park, which surrounds the western walls of the Kremlin, is also pleasant. Also, if you visit on a sunny day like me, you can sit on the grass and relax while exploring the Kremlin!

The Alexander Garden and surrounding area is a lively point of the city. Although the weather is sunny, all the cafes in this area have a crowded and cheerful atmosphere.

Shopping in Moscow

Now I’m going back to Red Square. I’m here to capture more beautiful pictures in the daytime. Then I head to the GUM Shopping Center in the square This is a huge shopping complex. Inside you can find many things from famous brands to local products.

This is the most important point for those who want to shop in Moscow . It is also possible to come across some pleasant activities at GUM Shopping Center. The architecture of the interior is also wonderful.

A door of the  GUM opens to Nikolskaya Street. This street is one of the most vibrant points of Moscow. Along the way you can see local restaurants and shopping. Nikolskaya’s beige buildings have a pure beauty.

I’m moving a little east of town. The buildings here are like the present-day revival of old Moscow. This street, along with the buildings and stony roads I mentioned, made me feel like I was going down from Akaretler to Besiktas . I think they’re very similar!

I walk a long way, about two kilometers. In fact, I do not understand how much time is spent in Moscow to explore the city’s fascinating atmosphere is great. What I want to see here is Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building , one of Moscow’s interesting  buildings.

Built in 1952 and 52 meters long, this building has an attractive appearance. It is a pleasure to examine the structure that you can see from most points of the city . This building occupies a huge block and can be said to be one of the latest examples of Moscow’s historical appearance with its architecture.

I’m going down the river. Actually, it wasn’t easy! Moscow streets can sometimes be so wide that it almost resembles a square when you can capture the empty moment .

After a little walk along the Moskva River, I now take the metro and turn my route west .

Speaking of subway, I need to open a separate parenthesis. Moscow Metro is a very large and very complicated system. In fact , I am accustomed to using the metro in big cities, but there is a separate situation that forces me here!

Krill Alphabet

Yeah, you guessed it right, Krill Alphabet. As in most parts of the city, there are no signs for the Latin alphabet, except for a few metro stations in the center. You should find your way with Krill Letters . This makes our job very difficult.

My advice is to download an offline Moscow Metro Map to your phone . The offline feature of Google Maps will do the trick. In this way, you can at least find your direction by making comparisons.

Western Moscow

I’m landing at 10-letiya Oktyabrya station. It is the closest transportation point to the famous Novodevichy Monastery, Park and Cemetery. Before walking a short distance, I notice the different architecture of the west of the city.

You can see more socialist residences in this region . Most of these buildings are quite high and uniform.

I want to talk about a detail I see here. It is hard to recognize the names of the shops of famous fast food and coffee chains in Moscow. These names are written in the alphabet of Krill. Obviously, this is the first time I’ve ever been in a place like this!


Novodevichy Monastery is winking from afar after a road lined with greenery  . The architecture and colors are as pleasant and heartwarming as any other building in Moscow.

If what you’re looking for is a conveniently located hotel in  Novodevichy Ponds Park, look no further than Novodevichy Ponds Park . Along with the pond in the park, you can watch the skyscrapers built with the new architectural approach representing the renewed face of Moscow.

Now I take the metro and head back to the city center. Next up is the  Cathedral of Christ the Savior .

This building is one of the most beautiful churches in the city. Built in the 19th century with an architectural style called Russian Revival, the church is a must-see in Moscow.

After this area there is one last point I want to visit in the center of the city, Bolshoi Theater .

I’m coming to the Teatral’nna subway station. There is a wide street in front of me and an elegant fountain in the middle, and the Bolshevik Theater rising behind with majesty  completes a beautiful view .

The Bolshoi Theater is one of the most significant structures of Moscow. Completed in 1825, the theater is the center of performing arts in Moscow, which is an important part of Russian culture . 

Moscow Nightlife

I have completed important points to visit in Moscow. After going to my hostel and resting a bit, I will have some fun in the lively nightlife of Moscow this evening !

One of the first things that comes to mind when it comes to Russia is entertainment. Russians are a society that loves to have fun and the most famous drinks are vodka . Guess the guesses about the nightlife of the country’s capital, Moscow!

Moscow is quite colorful out at night. In fact, you can find nice pubs and restaurant-bars around any corner without looking at a particular area. Most of you will have a pleasant evening.

Especially in the  area around Kuznetsky Most Metro Station, everyone is having fun.  I sit in a bar with music in this area and drink one of the local cocktails.

Are the Russians warm?

My bar is full of elegant ladies as the country is famous for. Most Russians are friendly to the people of our country. But the most notable point here is that almost nobody in Moscow knows English . Not to know, they don’t even know enough to do ordinary daily chats!

A Russian girl of my own age came to me and asked me to dance without even needing a deal Since I am obviously a tourist from the outside, I think I draw a different attention today. You can experience such things in Russia because they really like to have fun in the country!

Why go to Moscow?

To sum up, Moscow is a convenient route for those looking for a different experience without going too far. Although it is not known in our country in general terms, as you can see, especially the central parts of the city offer an atmospheric experience.

What to Buy from Moscow

By the way, you can buy Matryoshka and other local products from the famous local part of Russia . Most of them are reasonably priced. Especially in the connection tunnels of metro stations, there are many souvenir shops.

Russian Vodka

I will also open a separate parenthesis to the V Russian Vodka ”. In Russia, vodka is of particular importance. In their culture, this is an important drink and is consumed more than water in the city!

In Moscow, you can find vodka from local brands at an affordable price from supermarkets. Most of these can also be considered in terms of collections . I added one to my collection.

Is Moscow Expensive?

Moscow is actually one of the most expensive cities in the world in most reviews . But I must remind you that this is a big metropolis. So it is possible to find a place for every budget. The prices obviously came to me similar to the Istanbul level.

As far as Moscow, the country is perhaps more famous for tourism You must visit St. Petersburg . I was only able to visit Moscow because of my limited time during my school term.

Cities Around Moscow

Not so close, but from Moscow. You can reach St. Petersburg in a short time by high-speed trains.

Another important city close to Moscow is Minsk, the capital of Belarus . As a part of my visit to the Baltic countries, I can see that this delightful city reflects a beautiful transitional culture between Europe and Russia .

Moscow Climate

At the end of May I visited it was quite hot and sunny. The best time to visit Moscow is in the spring and summer. He was here at a temperature of -20 degrees a few months ago . It can be enjoyable to see this city under the snow.

I will conclude my Moscow trip note here . I think I’ve given you a lot of clues to guide you through the lines. I recommend you to study another important capital in the west of Moscow, Minsk and Belarus, and stay with love!

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