Sydney, Australia Full Travel Guide

Very bright and memorable, Sydney is one of the most exciting places in the world. In terms of size, Sydney is among the leaders – even smaller than New York. This is the ‘most beautiful harbor in the world’ because it was identified by the founder of one of the first settlements, Arthur Phillip. Today it is one of the most developing cities in the world. When you get to Sydney, you’ll forget about your long and tiring flight. This city absorbs the rhythm and life energy of other major cities of the world, but Sydney also has a variety of unique urban values. This makes this city truly unforgettable.

Almost all of Sydney’s attractions are located in an area, so there is no need to spend extra time and make effort to reach them. Despite one of the city’s vast lands, most of it is occupied by the Royal Botanic Park. The main symbols of the city are considered as two large buildings. These are the Harbor Bridge which has an observation deck with spectacular views of the opera house and harbor as well as a ship with sails raised.

In the summer months, everyone in Sydney tries to approach countless beaches, harbors and bays. The most famous beaches of the city are Bondi, the most popular place for surfers, and Manley, located between the large pine trees. The second beach is home to wooden parrots, sometimes penguins appear in the evenings. Blessed many places to visit in Sydney. Among the most remarkable places are the Blue Mountains – the miraculous eucalyptus forests with wonderfully pure and beautiful weather, the Sydney Tower – the tallest building of the Southern Hemisphere, the Chinese Garden of Friendship is strictly designed according to the garden design rules of the 5th century. , Sydney Observatory and the most impressive Holy St. Mary is sandstone. From Sydney’s numerous museums and galleries, to the fun of Australian cuisine, you’ll find entertainment to suit every taste. all rights reserved.

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House is one of the city’s most famous tourist attractions and one of the main symbols of the city. The building was built by Dutch architect Jorn Utzon. In 1957 he won the international competition devoted to Opera House projects. The building went into operation on 2 May 1959. Construction was completed in 1973 and II. Officially opened by Queen Elizabeth. Although the contract with the architect was canceled due to disputes, Utzon was present at the grand opening.

The cost of construction would eventually be 105 million Australian Dollars. This was much more than the initial cost of the project – 7 million. The complex is also a large orchestra Opera Hall (1500 seats), Drama Theater (550 seats) and Chamber Music Hall (420 seats) Concert Hall (2700 seats). Visitors are invited to take part in a 15-minute excursion to the buildings that are held every day.

Harbor Bridge
Famous Harbor Bridge towers are probably where you can enjoy the most beautiful panoramic views of the harbor and the city. In the meantime, the locals call this bridge ‘old hangers’. The weight of the bridge will be 61,000 tons and the cost of the building will be 20 million Australian dollars. Construction was completed in 1932. If someone goes to a star-like structure in the historic Rocks district, they can reach the bridge. The length of the bridge is 1150 m (just a few meters shorter than the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco) and connects the northern and southern parts of the city. The width of the spring is 503 meters.

Rocks Quarter
Rocks is a historical part of the city converted into a gastronomic and shopping quarter. Visitors will find countless restaurants along the waterline, offering great views of the Opera House. The western shore of Sydney Bay, just above the rocks, is part of the Harbor Bridge. This is where Australia’s history begins. The first colonists of the continent built their homes on the cliffs between Sydney Bay and Walsh Bay and then began to deepen and conquer the continent.

Darling Harbor
Darling Harbor is one of Sydney’s most famous tourist areas. It is located in the central part of the city. This is where visitors will find a large shopping center, an aquarium, a ship containing information about the Olympic Games and a famous monorail built for a great anniversary. It was praised by the single-rail police and the city administration, but sparked much controversy by ordinary citizens. The monorail looks good in the futuristic setting of Darling Harbor, but is not really suitable for Sydney’s cozy center. The journey, which lasts about 15 minutes, will cost 2.5 euros.

The Sydney Exhibition Center’s spacious halls regularly hold large exhibitions, conferences and special events. During the Olympic Games, the hall even hosted some competitions. The nearby Congress Center is often located on a variety of organizational topics. This is where you can have a detailed schedule of all exhibitions.

The Harborside complex with its many shops attracts attention from a distance due to its glass roofs. The complex features elegant boutiques and discount shops, fine restaurants and fast food cafes. The complex is crowded, especially on weekends. The other side of Darling Harbor is where the Sydney Aquarium is located. Here visitors will be able to see all the important freshwater and marine fish, corals and even crocodiles living in a large cage.

The Royal Botanic Gardens and The Area
Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Park are the best place for a pleasant break from the bustle and bustle of the big city. The park is not far from the bustling center of Sydney. Together with the Park surrounding the area, the gardens laid out in 1816 constitute Australia’s oldest park. You will find it in the east from the Central Business District. While staying in this oasis of peace, he feels that the city is a million miles away. This is a popular picnic area among Sydney residents, so the park is particularly crowded at weekends. This wonderful park is also the perfect place to sunbathe, jog or walk around and enjoy the beautiful view of the harbor and Sydney Opera House .

The park edge is where you will find a pool with cool water – Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool. Finally, the gardens surrounding the Plant Garden, Palm Grove and the Sydney Tropical Center are truly great places to expand your knowledge of botany. Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain are located on Macquarie Street, to the right of the Central Business District. It is easy to reach them on foot from the center.

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