Venice Travel Guide: Important Travel Notes for Venice Trip

Venice Travel Guide: Detailed information, photos and advice on many important issues from local attractions, transportation, shopping, accommodation, hotel recommendations, local food and nightlife.

With its venues witnessing its vibrant history, extraordinary cultural events and an atmosphere where romanticism comes to the fore, Venice provides many tourists with unforgettable holiday periods. If you want to spend your days in your memories, you  can make your holiday plans in full through Venice travel guide .

History of Venice: There is no written source about the establishment of Venice. However, many historians have concluded that the city was founded by communities that had to leave Padua, Aquileia, Treviso, Altino and Concordia as a result of raids from the north as a result of their ancestors of the founding 12 families. In fact, later Roman sources found evidence supporting this view.

B.C. The city, which was attacked by various tribes and kingdoms between the 2nd and 6thcenturies, was occupied and occupied by the Byzantine Empire in 697 . Taking advantage of the political turmoil that the Byzantine fell into after 30 years, the Venetian people chose Orso Ipato as their first independent ruler.

Until the year 737, when he was murdered, Orso ensured radical changes in the Venetian navy, Ravenna surviving the Lombard invasion, and relations with Byzantium continued in harmony.

The 9th to 12th centuries have been cited as the period in which Venice, which has become a city-state, has increased its influence in Europe’s political and commercial life. Taking the control of trade between Western Europe and Byzantium by eliminating the pirates who kept the Dalmatian Coast, the city has taken control of many islands and Cyprus in the Aegean.

Having established good trade relations with Muslim states, Venice became the richest city in Europe in the 13th century with 36,000 sailors and 3,300 ships. The event that reinforces the richness of the city with commercial activities took place during the 4th Crusade.

In the 50 years following the looting of Constantinople and the establishment of the Latin Kingdom, many works were brought to the city, while control in the remaining parts of the Byzantine Europe passed to Venice.

Venice’s decline began in the 15th century with a move to defend Thessaloniki against theOttoman Empire. After the conquest of Istanbul, Sultan Mehme the Conqueror declared war on Venice. As a result of the war that lasted for 30 years, the city lost almost all its superiority in the Mediterranean. The discovery of America after this period led to the loss of the importance of trade routes held by the city.

In the 18th century , Venice began to influence Europe with its artistic, architectural and literary accumulation. However, the city, under the domination of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1797 and lost its independence.

After Napoleon took the city, the first thing was to remove the doors separating the Jewish minority from other parts of the city and gave the community the right to free movement. Later, under the treaty signed, it left the control of Venice to Austria. 50 years after the treaty, the city gained its independence as a result of the war and then accepted to be a part of the Kingdom of Italy.

Population & Society:  II. Venice is one of the rare places that survived the Second World War without any damage in Europe and today it has a population of just over 260 thousand.

Although Italian is the mother tongue, the majority of the population is Catholic thanks to tourism activities and there are many English-speaking individuals.

Transportation: You can reach the capital of Veneto Regionin 2 hours and 30 minutes by direct flightsof Turkish Airlines . You can use the train and bus services to reach the city from other settlements in Italy.

If you want to get detailed information about how to reach the city, “ Where is Venice? How to get to Venice?

Venice is situated on 118 islands on the coast of Northern Italy, which opens to the Adriatic Sea, and the Mediterranean climate causes the travelers to experience a different atmosphere in every season.

With the exception of the days of the Venice Carnival in February, the  city ​​spends a relatively quiet winter season. Acqua alta , which I will share with you under a separate heading in the Venice travel guide , has a great role in the formation of this calm environment .

The activities organized within the scope of San Marco Festival give the travelers traveling to the city in April an enjoyable time. When you go to Venice in May, when the temperatures don’t rise yet, the cultural events you will have the opportunity to participate in are Vogalonga and Festa Medioevale de vino Soave Bianco Soave . If you’re not good with high temperatures, I will recommend you to travel to the city in September. This month, two festivals with the theme of classical music are held in the city.

Between June and August, the influx of visitors to Venice is experienced. During these months, you may have to wait a long time in most places; Serenissima , Redentore and Venice Film Festivals give the city ​​a distinct atmosphere.

7 regions come to the forefront in Venice with its transportation facilities and diversity of facilities. 6 of these regions, namely San Marco , Castello , San Polo , Santa Croce , Cannaregio and Dorsoduro are located within the accepted area of ​​the city center. Giudecca is located between these settlements and the mainland.

The fact that the island is close to Venice city center makes it more preferable than Mestre for transportation. Appreciated for its scenery and tranquil environment  , hotels such as the 5 ★ Hilton Molino Stucky operate.

Most of the hotels in San Marco , the heart of the city, are slightly more expensive in price than in other regions. However, they close these disadvantages with their proximity to places to visit. In addition to luxurious options such as 4 ★ Monaco & Grand Canal and 5 ★ Baglioni Hotel Luna , it is also possible to find affordable accommodation such as 2 ★ Hotel Serenissima .

On my last trip, I used my choice of accommodation for the 3 ★ Hotel Fontana in Castello , within walking distance of St. Mark’s Square to be a little more intimate with the locals . When choosing hotels in this region alone, give priority to the facilities located to the west. Because otherwise you need to walk a little longer to reach the center.

3 ★ Antica Locanda Sturion San Polo , where Residenza d’Epoca operates , is home to the best restaurants in Venice.

4 ★ Santa Croce , where Hotel Santa Chiara & Residenza Parisi is located, is very close to Santa Lucia Train Station, where you can reach other cities in Italy.

If you want to be closer to the train station, you can choose Cannaregio . Dorsoduro , the city’s most important art gallery , is an ideal accommodation for those interested in nightlife.

Hotel Reservation: In my own travels, I make my reservationthrough , themost famous and reliable booking site on the internet. You can make your payment at the hotel according to your booking option, and in case of any problems, you can cancel your reservation until 24 hours before your stay. Click here to view all hotels in Venice on .

If you would like to know more about the accommodation areas and hotel options in which we provide brief information about this part of our Venice travel guide, you can read our contents below.

One of the most important parts of our Venice travel guide is of course the places to visit. You can start your tour in Venice, which is enchanted not only by the splendor of the Italian Renaissance, but also by the structures that carry the elegance of Byzantine architecture, from St. Mark’s Square , the heart of the city .

When you go to the square to a very rich surroundings food and drink and accommodation “Church of Gold” also called the Basilica di San Marco ‘ni, St. Mark’s Bell Tower , expand Torre dell Orologio, the Correra and the Duke’s Palace, You will have the opportunity to visit.

If you have the opportunity to go on a gondola tour and go to the small canal behind the Dukes Palace , you can see the Ahlar Bridge , another architecturally interesting structure of the city . If you’re going to San Polo after you’ve finished your visit to San Marco, I suggest you go through Rialto , the oldest bridge built on the Grand Canal .

If you are curious about its artistic accumulation after having an idea about the magnificent architecture of the city, you can examine the collections waiting for you in the exhibition areas of Accademia , founded in 1750 . Ca ‘D’Oro and Ca’ Rezzonico , along with the Peggy Guggenheim Collection , are other structures that you can add to your sightseeing list for this purpose.

You can learn the subtleties of Venetian lace embroidery on Burano Island , which has become popular with its colorful houses , and in Murano , you can buy products shaped by the skilled hands of craftsmen in glass workshops.

Detailed information and photos about places I’ve mentioned in the guide, including a trip to Venice ” Venice Things to Do ” and the position ” Venice Attractions Map ” you can find in our article titled.

The city, which has been politically popular for a long time, has become a favorite of tourists since the beginning of the last century thanks to its artistic, architectural and cultural accumulation. Activities to be carried out with the effect of the city’s rich structure in every aspect has increased considerably.

If you can’t decide which activity to include in your itinerary, you can give priority to:

  • Visit St. Mark’s Square and the surrounding historic buildings.
  • Visit museums to understand the glorious past of the city.
  • Enjoy unique city views and romance with a gondola ride .
  • Experience the grand atmosphere of the Grand Canal on a Vaporetto tour.
  • Go to Murano Island to see how glassware is made.
  • Take lots of pictures in Burano, which dazzles with its colorful houses.
  • Listen to Vivaldi’s works at the Venice Baroque Orchestra or La Fenice.
  • Visit Torcello Island to spend some peaceful hours.
  • Go to the Rialto Market and the Jewish Quarter to get in touch with the locals.
  • Enjoy the unique flavors of Venetian cuisine.

If you are curious about the details of the activities we offer to you in this section of Venice travel guide, “ What to do in Venice? List of Things to Do in Venice ”

 Tour Reservations:  Venice is a very touristic and popular city. Tickets for activities in the city can sometimes be sold out days in advance. For this reason, I recommend that you buy the entrance tickets of the important places on the internet before your visit and register for the related tours. Iuse the Getyourguide site onmy own travels. Click here to see the most popular tours in Venice.

Another important issue in our Venice travel guide content is transportation. Due to the geographical structure of the city, almost all of the public transportation network consists of waterway vehicles. Even the land transports that serve as public transport are only used from Marco Polo Airport to Piazzale Roma for transfer to the city center.

Among these vehicles, ACTV’s bus line 5 carries passengers from 04.08 to 01.10. The Express Bus 35, which is under the supervision of ATVO, starts its flights at 05.20 and ends at 00.50. Ticket prices on both buses are 15 euros for adults.

If you want to realize your airport transfer needs directly, you can prefer water taxis or buses that carry passengers in the city center. While it is possible to reach the city center with water buses for 7 Euro, 15 Euro is requested for the journey from the airport.

Airport Transfer Packages: If you wish, you can choose airport packages that are ready for transportation. Some of the most preferred package tours in the city are:

  • Express Bus to Mestre and Venice Treviso Airport (12 Euro per person)
  • Airport Venice Transfer Shared Water Taxi (Starting price 32 Euro per person)
  • Private Water Taxi between Venice Airport and Venice (group start price up to 6 persons 200 Euro)

When you reach the city center, you can choose to walk in order to feel the city’s unique atmosphere and capture interesting details that you can photograph . For romantic moments, I don’t think you’ll find a better option than gondola tours.

If you are going to the city for the first time, you can also consider taking advantage of the hop on hop off tours. In the tours organized by City Sightseeing, voice information makes it much easier to learn about historical buildings. Moreover, during the cruise, the boats stop at Lido and Murano beaches.

You can find the answers to all your questions about transportation in Venice.

Venice offers guests many options to enjoy their holidays, but in the end it is an expensive city. In addition, with the beginning of the tourism season, the number of tourists flocking to the city exponentially increases each month and often leads to long queues at the entrance to museums and historical buildings. The way to get rid of these problems is to buy a Venezia Unica Card .

The discount card, which will help you to keep your budget under control and get rid of the queue shortage, is offered in 3 options with 7 days of validity. The most limited feature of these options is the silver package.

Travelers with silver cards are given free access to 3 museums and 3 churches with the Querini Stampalia Foundation. There is no privilege regarding public transportation in this option of the card. With a gold card, you can travel on public transport for three days at no cost. Furthermore, the number of museums that can be accessed free of charge increases to 10 and the number of churches increases to 16.

Platinum card holders can enjoy all the rights of the previous option as well as visit Scala Contarini del Bovolo and La Fenice at no charge. They can even take advantage of the guidance service inside and shoot as they wish.

If you are wondering about the prices of the card, where you can add extra privileges to your needs by paying extra, and how you can buy it, “ What is Venezia Unica Card? Where is it valid? Prices ”.

(If you are interested in many of the things to do and things I’ve introduced throughout the Venice travel guide, I recommend getting detailed information about this card.)

After transportation, it was time to talk about shopping opportunities, one of the most enjoyable topics in the Venice travel guide.

If you want to buy something typical of Venice, you can give priority to handcrafted glassware , lace and carnival masks . You can even include Baicoli biscuits, Bellini cocktails and a wide range of pasta if you like to try foreign flavors. Of course, the latest creations of many world-famous fashion brands should not be forgotten.

Everything you’re looking for on apparel in the city of La Merceria , Salizada San Moise , San Samuele and Calle Larga XXII Marzo , such as the shopping street you can find.

In this regard, shopping centers can offer its guests as much diversity as the streets. Especially Noventa Di Piave Designer Outlet and Palmanova Outlet Village attract the attention of travelers.

For food exchange, you can give priority to street markets . Mercato di Rialto is the most famous of the markets in the city . While one building of the market is completely used as fish seafood, the other structure sells vegetables and fruits. If you are looking for decorative, used or antique items, you can include Mercatino dei Miracoli or Mercatino di Polvere di Ricordi on your shopping route .

After shopping and sightseeing, Venice offers the most choice for its guests. Although the city lacked agricultural land, it gained diversity thanks to other Italian cities and minorities. In addition, fishing activities in the city still continues.

You can find the best options for breakfast in the city only at hotels. Because the local people passed the first meal of the day with croissants, coffee or juice, most of the venues created their menus accordingly. For lunch, you can either taste pizza and pasta or suppress your hunger with snacks like panini, trapizzino, tramezzini, arancini.

Subject to dinner And when came the iconic Italian dishes prepared with fresh seafood you can find a variety of delicious recipes up to the opportunity to experiment. Risi e bisi , sarde in saor , spaghetti al nero di seppia and moleche are the ideal options for those who want to try different tastes during the city holidays.

Of course you can also find dishes of our own culinary culture in Venice. Places such as Döner Kebap, Orient Experience and Fairouz serve Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Grand Canal and Basilica Santa Maria della Salute, Venice, Italy

As I mentioned at the beginning of our Venice travel guide article, Carnival is the most important event for those who go to the city during the winter season. The cultural event, which takes place every year from 16 February to 5 March , is rooted in spring greeting rituals in Pagan culture.

In the carnival, which was first celebrated in 1268 , masks were used for a long time to eliminate social differences. However, these items with different designs became the symbol of cultural activity and even the city. Despite this change, the masks are still known as Bauta, Colombina, Medico Della Peste, Moretta, Volto, Pantalone, Arlecchino and Zanni.

Medieval costumes are used as complementary masks at the carnival where various public events such as concerts and proms are held. If you want to attend the carnival with these clothes, you can buy or rent.

The number of tourists during the carnival season is close to that of the summer season. This can cause problems in many issues from flight tickets to accommodation. To avoid this situation, the most practical solution is to plan your holiday in advance and take advantage of early booking opportunities.

It is not to mention the natural phenomenon that creates a Venice travel guide and surprises many travelers. If you plan to travel to Venice from 15 September to 15 April , you should consider aqua alta , the flood.

Contrary to what many people say, this is not because the city sinks but because the sea level is rising. Floods in the full moon and new lunar periods, low-pressure systems are effective, Sirokko winds are reported to occur more frequently.

The most severe 194 floods in 1966 with a height of 1966 can last up to 6 hours. Before the water level rises, the public is alerted by the alarm and the affected areas are closed to pedestrian traffic. For information on acqua alta , travelers are given maps in tourist offices.

Using maps, you can easily identify which roads are safe. There are also mobile applications that follow this nature event and provide updated information. You can get detailed information by installing applications on your IOS or Android-based smart device.

If your vacation time is 5-6 days, you can spend some of it getting to know Venice and then take advantage of the fast train service to explore other popular Italian cities such as Florence , Milan and Bologna .

High-speed trains carrying passengers under the supervision of Trenitalia can easily be reached from Venice to Florence and Milan in around 2 hours.

The journey to Bologna takes just over 3 hours. Early booking offers are available at attractive prices such as 19,90 euros. You can even lower your costs even more with Trenitalia’s bus + normal high-speed train options. Of course, if you choose this option, you have to take a long time to travel.

Throughout the Venice travel guide content, I took care to share as much information as I could about Venice, the world famous tourist center of Italy. If you have additional points during the article, please add them as a comment.

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