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10 reasons to go to San Diego

Home to tourists from all over the world, California enchants everyone with its famous cities and unique beaches along the entire Pacific coast. Here are our suggestions for your vacation planning to spend in San Diego. Do not return from San Diego without swimming in cool waters, participating in nature tours, breathing in the fresh air on the slopes and looking at the world of living things.


If you want to spread your towel wherever you want and enjoy the sun and take long walks on white sands on the long beaches stretching from the north to the south of San Diego, the city invites you to the Pacific Ocean coast with its colorful beaches. Mission Beach, the most popular beach in the city, runs from the north of the Mission Bay canal to the north of the Pacific. The bay that encompasses you is one of the places where you can enjoy the white sands with its arms. Parallel walking track is full of sports enthusiasts who come to run in ocean air at all hours of the day. If your preference is to snorkel, San Diego La Jolla shores, where marine ecology is carefully protected, is for you. It is strictly forbidden to take any creatures from the sea or to fish. In addition to the shores of La Jolla, La Jolla Bay is the most photographed beach in Southern California, surrounded by large rocks and evoking an isolated environment with its endemic vegetation. The bay, which is flooded by all photographers and painters with its exotic atmosphere, will enchant you. Coronado Beach, where the Hotel del Coronado, which has become famous for its many old films, is among the places that classic film enthusiasts do not return without stopping.

San Diego Zoo

Established on an area of ​​40 hectares, San Diego Zoo plans to give you an unforgettable day with more than 4000 animal species representing 800 species and around 700,000 exotic plant species. This garden, which has a very different layout than its counterparts, was established in an understanding away from the cage system with open and large partitions. The creatures that continue to live in the climate and temperature they are accustomed to seem quite happy here. Park officials, who pay special attention to feeding the animals, continue to feed them without removing them from the natural food sources they are used to. For example, 40 types of bamboo were brought for the Chinese panda, one of the most special animals in the park, and 18 types of eucalyptus were started to be grown for koalas. The zoo, where you can see many creatures together with gorillas from the African rainforest, polar bears living in the Arctic taiga and tundra, exotic cacti and snakes brought from the deserts of the world, is very educational for the little ones as well as the adults.

Balboa Park

Balboa Park, located right next to the San Diego Zoo, is one of the largest parks in the country. The park, which includes 15 large exhibition and museum areas and big stages hosting performances, also has glass arts workshops and exhibitions. You will have a hard time staying indifferent to these glass works of art that glow under the sun. Balboa museums, which are active throughout the year, continue to host the world’s most famous exhibitions. If you want to spice up your trip with one or two museums, you can make the ticket prices more affordable by purchasing a daily or longer-term combined ticket. The botanical garden in the park and the pools decorated with water lilies will enchant those who see it. The park, which you will have difficulty traveling in a day, offers you examples from the world architectural spectrum with its embroidered buildings with oriental traces and long columns and high ceilings that resemble Greek architecture.

Sea World

Sea World, which was founded in 1964 and covers an area of ​​89,000 meters today, has already managed to be the center of attention of thousands of tourists from all over the world. Offering you a full program with activities that appeal to all family members, Sea World continues to be colorful with the shows of many creatures, from sharks to whales, from dolphins to seals, every period of the year. Sea World, which attracts the attention of the enthusiasts with its underwater exhibitions, also offers you various water sports and activity opportunities. If diving into the pool with sharks, swimming with dolphins, touching the seals and being photographed with them is a dream for you, it is not difficult to make this dream come true in Sea World. If you wish, you can have the opportunity to swim with sea creatures in your dives accompanied by instructors. It is possible to spend an educational day at Sea World with its experienced and expert employees who are ready to help you in all matters. When you get tired, you can take a break in restaurants that bring world cuisines to your feet, and surprise your loved ones with souvenirs you can buy from shopping stores.

Nightlife and entertainment

The area called Gaslamp, where famous nightclubs and bars gather, is home to San Diego’s most famous night spots. The places, which are lively and crowded at all hours of the day, serve as a restaurant during the day and host their guests with live music in the bar atmosphere at night. Concerts organized at certain times of the year can turn the city center into an open nightclub. The city is intertwined with art day and night, with paintings and sculptures displayed on the city streets, works for sale or painters ready to paint your portrait right there.

Unlimited activities

If you want to make small trips to the surrounding states by taking advantage of San Diego’s advantageous location, you can contact the agencies that organize daily tours. If you want to go from Las Vegas, America’s most popular entertainment city to Los Angeles, the number one city of the cinema world, to the Golden Gate Bridge, which fascinates those who see it with its red color on blue ocean waters, from San Francisco to Temecula, the land of balloons, daily tours are just for you. . In addition to the daily tours, the Carlsbad Region, located in the south of San Diego, is among the places where the tourists coming in the spring season do not return without stopping. Flower fields called Carlsbad Flower Fields will enchant you with their unforgettable beauty. The flowers, which are planted in sequence to resemble the rainbow, manage to attract tourists from all over the world between March and May of the year. Again, outlet shopping centers in the Carlsbad Region offer incredible advantages to their visitors in shopping. If you happen to be on your way here, there is one more thing that you should not return without doing. Strawberry fields planted in hectares are almost the symbol of the city. Strawberry picking, one of the most enjoyable activities you can do with your family, will take you to your childhood. How about diving into the fields as far as the eye can see, filling your bucket with strawberries hanging from its branches and then eating it with pleasure?

Belmont Park

Belmont Park continues to be the favorite of many people, with its entertainment tradition that continues without breaking its style since 1925. In this amusement park, you will notice the whole lagoon of the old and the new, and the old always remains more special despite the changing technology. In addition to the “roller coasters” made of wood, ferris wheels mounted on steel bodies will bring you nostalgia, while fast and scary vehicles that you will ride with modern trains will offer you a day full of adrenaline. When you want to take a break from the fun, you can buy your food from the peddlers sold in the park or spend time in the restaurants in the park. During your stroll in the park, you will be happy to see that many details, from colorful candies to corn, cotton candy to ice cream, that will remind you of old fairs, are not forgotten and most of them are continued.

Gaslamp zone

The city of San Diego, which started to be established by the sea in the middle of the 19th century, started to be formed with the combination of buildings built in a uniform and similar style. The buildings, which changed hands over time, are preserved within the scope of historical heritage and are presented to their visitors with great care. The lower parts of the buildings serve as cafes and restaurants, while the upper parts are open to residential and business centers. The Gaslamp District, also known as the former San Diego, continues to be the city center today. The region, which is an example to other states with its loyalty to history and protected buildings, is a place that should not be missed without seeing it with its unique architecture and harmonious structures. The Gaslamp District, the central Market Place, hosts crazy parties with more than 200 restaurants and cafes. Inviting everyone to Mardi Gras entertainment on March 8, San Diego residents guarantee fun for their visitors. Don’t forget to bring your costumes and masks with you.


If you want to get tired in the center of the city and spend time in a more calm and peaceful environment, we have two good suggestions that you will not have difficulty in transportation. Seaport Village, located next to Embarcadero Park, 5 minutes away from the airport and cruise ship port, offers you a cozy atmosphere with its architecture and restaurants hosting organic cuisine. The village, which served as the place where goods transported by sea in the past were transferred to the rail system and delivered to the whole of America, was renovated towards the end of the 20th century and opened its doors to tourism. Do not hesitate to get on the carousel, which is the symbol of the village, and make nostalgia. You will have a hard time staying indifferent to many famous and amateur artists with the street performances you will encounter during your tour. If you want to take short walks by the sea and enjoy the sympathetic architecture, do not forget to stop by Seaport. With its proximity to Mexico, and some Spanish influences, San Diego is proud of the Spanish Village located right next to Balboa Park. The village, which hosts glass masters and painters’ workshops today, is among the places that tourists who are interested in art cannot stop by.

Mexican cuisine and seafood

San Diego, which has a more Mexican population than any other state with its proximity to Mexico, is in harmony with the Mexicans who bring with them their delicious food and unique recipes. Without going to Mexico, you can visit restaurants that bring the best examples of Mexican cuisine to your feet and taste all the flavors you are curious about. Mainly “Chicken Quesadilla” and “OTMC Nachos
Seafood, which adds flavor to its taste with Mexican sauces, is among the tastes we want you to try. With the advantage of being by the ocean, San Diego is a unique place for you to try all seafood.

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