Prague Travel Guide: Important Travel Notes for Prague Trip

Prague Travel Guide: Detailed information, photos and advice on many important topics from places to visit in Prague, transportation, shopping, accommodation recommendations and hotel budgets for every budget, from local

Hotels Rooms With The Best Accessories

The hotels where we spend our holidays can make the most enjoyable times of the year even more enjoyable for us, they may miss the pleasure… In fact, everyone’s expectations

The Fall of Ikaros

Pieter Bruegel’s The Fall of Ikaros around 1555 is an impressive work that I enjoyed looking at and immersed myself in. Therefore, I wanted to take a closer look at this

Fatih Sultan Mehmet

Although architecture is an area close to art, the most different aspect of painting, literature and sculpture is that you have an employer. Rarely, an architect finds the opportunity to produce

Aspendos, Love and Conglomerate

Aspendos is always referred to by its theater. The story associated with its construction – how much we do not know correctly – strengthens this perception. But it would be unfair to

Damnatio Memoriae

The Latin phrase “ damnatio memoriae ” means condemning the memory. Today, since the origin of many languages ​​is based on Latin, the words that make up the phrase are familiar. “Damn” and “memory”

Mythological Actors of Art

Mythological characters and narratives are perhaps the most widely used figures and themes in art, especially in painting and sculpture. This is probably due to the fact that many concepts, emotions,

Hierepolis, Holy City

I came to the ancient city of Hierepolis next to Pamukkale which is famous for its white travertines 15 minutes away from Denizli. However, every time I came from Denizli by


For a long time I could not visit the ancient city or write. When I came to Antalya to join Runatolia, I said, let’s stop by a Perge, as always with

Europe Travel Guide

In my Europe adventure, everything started with an Interrail love. If you want to taste the feeling of freedom, do it once in your life. Bil Not once, but twice. When I said Balkan tours, weekend getaways,