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A corner of heaven; PHILIPPINES

The country of the islands in the Malay Archipelago region in Southeast Asia fascinates visitors with its natural beauties.

You can choose from different accommodation alternatives on your Philippines vacation. A luxury resort or a more economical hotel … There are more than 350 accommodation alternatives that you can choose according to your budget. If you want to have a privileged holiday, you can choose Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort. The resort, spread over an area of ​​12 hectares up to the northern coast of the island, started to serve in 2009. Using the word “luxury” for this exclusive hotel is tantamount to describing Rolls-Royce simply as “car”. This is a place where you will be happy to stay in the world and find everything you are looking for in luxury accommodation.

Remember that you will be greeted like a movie star from the first moment you step onto the island at Caticlan Airport. First of all, you arrive at your hotel with a very comfortable journey special for you. The resort, which dazzles with its magnificent view, has 219 rooms. Villas are another accommodation alternative. If you are dreaming of enjoying the jacuzzi with the magnificent ocean view, you can consider staying in one of these villas. The resort also offers services such as a health center, swimming pool, tennis court and diving center. Families with children are not forgotten either; There are also special playgrounds for children. If you want to pamper yourself during your holiday, be sure to try the Spa within the resort. Do not miss this unique experience that will stimulate all your senses with its exotic scents and magnificent atmosphere. You deserve a delicious meal after a busy and fun day. Philippine food is based on rice, fish, and shellfish. They generally use roasting, steaming and boiling techniques. The influences of Malaysian, Indonesian, Chinese and Indian cuisines can be found in Philippine cuisine. However, Filipino dishes such as “Kari-kari” and “Adobo” are also very popular.

Borakay Island

You can explore Borakay Island, one of the most popular spots in the Philippines, by renting a bike or a motorbike. Although it consists of more than 7,000 archipelagos, the first location that comes to mind when talking about the Philippines is Borakay Island. Tropical Borakay Island, located in the northern city of Aklan, is one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines. At first glance, it resembles a perfect painting with its crystalline turquoise waters and white beaches. White sand beaches are among the most interesting places of the island. You can choose White Beach for the magnificent sunset view, and Bailinhai Beach for romantic getaways. Apart from the beaches, you can eat delicious meals in the island’s elegant restaurants, visit the shops in the region for shopping or visit the Borakay Butterfly Garden.

You can also rent a bicycle or a motorbike to explore the island. In short, you can find everything you need for a pleasant holiday in Borakay Island. Borakay Island is located 315 kilometers south of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. It is a stunning tropical island 1.5 hours flight from Manila. The 7-kilometer-long coastline has the most beautiful beaches in the world. You can do all kinds of water sports in the area such as kayaking, wind-surfing, snorkeling, jet-skiing. On the island, you can have a massage under the coconut trees during the day, and participate in big parties in the evenings.

Tropical fruit paradise ..

Do not leave the Philippines without tasting the tropical delicacies that have just been picked up from the branch … Fruits such as mango, papaya and pineapple grow in abundance on the islands. You can eat these fruits for breakfast or try the cocktails prepared with fresh tropical fruits. Among the unique flavors of Philippine cuisine is the sour fish soup “Sinigang”. Also, don’t forget to try the tuna served with fresh mustard salad in grilled shrimp, fennel and celery leaves. If you are looking for more familiar tastes besides the island cuisine, it is possible to find the best examples of world cuisines.

White Beach and other islands

You can have a pleasant time on one of the most popular beaches, White beach … The most popular beach of Borakay Island is White beach. The reason for this is the central location and easy access of the beach. If you want to sunbathe on a quieter beach, you can choose Puka Beach, located at the northern tip of the island. Other places worth seeing on the island are Bat Cave and Butterfly House located near Bolabog beach. One of the alternative ways to explore the island is by motorcycle. In this way, you can discover the beautiful corners of the island, large and small, each more beautiful than the other. Apart from Borakay Island, you can join the tours organized to the surrounding islands during the day. Thanks to these tours, you can also see the beaches of other islands, large and small, more beautiful than each other. Apo Island, for example, is one of the best diving destinations in the Philippines. You can choose a small island, bungalow type accommodation options. Another interesting feature of the island is that the electricity is activated from 19:00 in the evening until 07:00 in the morning; no electricity during daytime. You can find this practice on other islands. Palawan Island, on the other hand, is a thin and long island protected due to its natural beauty, in the south west of the Philippines; If you find an affordable flight ticket far away, you should definitely see this place.

Keep in mind …

It is possible to relax and do different sports in the Philippines. You can do all kinds of water sports in the region such as kayaking, wind-surfing, snorkeling, jet-skiing. Although you love water sports, golf can be a good alternative for you if you are one of those who cannot give up on down-to-earth sports. You can take professional level private golf lessons at Fairways & Bluewater Resort and Country Club on Borakay Island. You can join the tours organized to the surrounding islands.

When to go?

The climate of the Philippines varies in each region according to geographical factors. Average temperature at sea level is 26.7 ° C. In the Philippines, where the monsoon climate prevails, the northwest facing slopes of Mindono and Luzon islands receive abundant rainfall from May to November. Equatorial climate is effective in the south of the island community. The annual average temperature is high (25-27 C).


There are many accommodation alternatives on the island that you can choose according to your budget. Luxury resorts are equipped with options that respond to all kinds of special demands. Especially spa centers simply re-create you! There are different alternatives for a more economical choice.

What is done?

You can have a massage under the coconut trees during the day and participate in big parties in the evenings. Apart from Borakay Island, you can join the tours organized to the surrounding islands during the day. You can also visit museums if you wish.

Ayala Museum

Lopez Memorial Museum

National Museum of the Philippines

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