With its Sicilian cuisine and wine, its streets full of history, cathedrals and churches, frozen villages as if in the Middle Ages, Roman temples devoted to the gods, Friendly Mediterranean people, tiny cars, lemon and orange groves, wine vineyards and warm beaches that touch the Mediterranean. it will be your favorite this summer.

Traditions are still preserved

With a coastline of more than 1000 kilometers, Sicily is today Italy’s largest region. Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean and the third largest in Europe as a living population, has a surface area of ​​approximately 25 thousand kilometers; It is separated from the Italian mainland by the Strait of Messina. History in Sicily goes back 10 thousand years. Phoenicians, Ancient Greeks, Romans, Vandals, Ostrogoths, Byzantines, Arabs and Spaniards lived on the island, traces of these civilizations can still be found. Agriculture and fishing are still the biggest livelihoods in Sicily. They preserve their centuries-old traditions in these areas. The best example of this is the Favignana island, where tuna fish are caught using traditional methods. Ceramic is still one of the island’s most important handicrafts. The vineyards springing from its fertile soil add an unforgettable flavor to Sicilian wines worldwide. Time seems to have stopped on the island. You may feel stuck in the middle of a medieval village for a moment. It is an ideal address for those looking for tranquility on vacation with its Sicilian culture, historical and geographical beauty.


Palermo is a typical Sicilian city with its palaces, churches, bazaars and streets. It is possible to come across Arabian influences in some of the churches here. One of these, the Church of San Cataldo, immediately draws attention with its three small domes in red and Arabic inscriptions. You can start your tour with Vittiro Emanuele, Palermo’s most famous street. On the one hand, the streets with extremely luxurious shops, on the other hand, the slums reflecting the poor face of the city… The most famous market place of the city is Vucciria. This market will be no stranger to you. The sellers in the market are constantly crying out how delicious, quality and cheap the products they sell are. The landscape is very familiar, but the only thing foreign is the language they use: Italian.

With its extraordinary beaches
Isoa Bella Island

Isoa Bella Island, connected to Tamina, brings thousands of tourists from all over the world to this remote point of the country. This small protected island is connected to the land by a narrow pathway. The extraordinary beaches all over the island are perfect for those who want to enjoy the sea. At the same time, the palace of Borromeo and the gardens of the palace should be seen on the island. On the island, you can feel like you are in France for a moment. Built on the island, the palace is a miniature of France’s royal palaces. A lush garden is added next to it, which is dazzling with its visuality.

There are also shops selling souvenirs on the island. It is the best option to end your trip with your drink against the sea among the white peacocks.

The most important volcano in the world;

While going to Sicily, it would be unfair not to see Etna, the most important volcano in the world. The 3350-meter-high Mount Etna, after the last explosion in 2002, ashes the streets of nearby settlements. The explosions in 1998 lasted exactly eight months. But despite everything, Sicilians love Mount Etna very much. It offers convenient opportunities for walking tours in summer and skiing in winter. It is possible to reach the crater on foot as well as very special tours to Etna by bus, land vehicles and cable car. But this is for those who like a little more excitement and adventure. If you prefer walking, be sure to wear durable shoes for climbing. And no matter how hot the weather is, don’t forget to pack a warm piece of clothing as the top of the mountain will be cold.

Valley of temples

You can feel yourself in Greece in the ancient city of Agrigento, famous for its Agrigento Valley of Temples. The archaeological site known as the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, founded on the important city of Ancient Greece, Akragas, has the best preserved Doric temples. You will enjoy the Mediterranean view among the acacia and almond trees.

Do not return without seeing!

Featuring the richest mosaics in the world, Monreale Cathedral is a 12th-century building located on a hill 8 kilometers southwest of its Palerome. The arches of the cathedral made of red and brown stones and windows reflecting Gothic and Arabic styles are really worth seeing; The garden with an Arabian style fountain is also interesting. The Norman-Arab influenced Saint John’s of the Hermits Church, the Norman Palace, Capella Palatina with its frescoes, Abatellis Palace with its magnificent Sicilian painting and sculpture collection, Fontana delle Vergogne and Fontana Pretoria fountains are just a short list of places to see.

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