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Dallas with its brand new style

Dallas, which has been in our memories with the TV series we watched on TV years ago, deserves to be seen today not only with the farm life but also with the changing city skyline …

Once in Dallas, after watching one of the ballet performances in the city, it was very fashionable to have a pleasant meal accompanied by the piano at the rotating restaurant, 171 meters above the ground, at Reunion Tower. This experience close to the stars, which gives the feeling that you are the center of the world, would make the spectacular view of Dallas in those years even more magnificent. Visible change If the city had an unofficial slogan in those years, it was “too much is never enough”. Over the years, in line with this slogan, great progress has been made in Dallas, especially in two areas such as food and shopping. The number of luxury hotels in the city also increased gradually; The population of rich young people increased and the face of the city changed completely. Especially when you leave the city and return years later, you can see the change more clearly. The change in the city’s landscape draws attention from the first moment you step into Dallas. Cisco Systems and AT&T technology companies established in the suburbs of Dallas are at the forefront of this change. This dynamism in the suburbs of the city seems to have changed the face of the region enormously. In the old city center, the “Art Zone” consisting of 19 blocks was created with the investments of private capital.

Designs that leave their mark by award-winning architects Dallas Pritzker Architecture Award winner can be called the only city in the world where four buildings built on the same block by four architects can be seen side by side. Another area of ​​the city that is gaining momentum is Oak Cliff and its surroundings.

Standing out with its renewed face, the best address for accommodation in Dallas is Belmont Hotel in the Oak District. This stylish hotel with 64 rooms is both affordable in price and fully reflecting the Dallas style. If you’re looking for a modern and casual restaurant in Dallas, be sure to stop by Tillman’s Roadhouse. A few blocks away is The Soda Gallery. Be sure to try one of the 28 different root beers at The Soda Gallery. You just need to pay $ 2 for a beer. Bolsa is another place to visit in Oak Cliff. Bolsa, which used to be a garage, now serves as a stylish bistro. Their food is so fresh that the owner states that they do not use freezers in Bolsa.

For art enthusiasts, be sure to visit Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) while in Dallas. You will love live music performances with different styles of bands. Be sure to see a few new museums such as the Nasher Sculpture Center and The Crow Collection of Asian Art. Don’t forget to stop by Bows and Arrows, a boutique and flower shop north of the city center. A few blocks ahead is the Taco Joint. This cozy Mexican restaurant is a frequently visited place. You will love their homemade flavors. While walking around the streets of the city, you can suddenly feel tired and take a cocktail break. Where? Of course in the Park. You will love its decoration with predominantly Chinese motifs and its fireplace in the garden with flowers. Be sure to try its cocktail called Jagger’s Lips. Do not be disappointed, but even if you get the recipe for this cocktail, it is good to know that you cannot get the same taste at home.

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