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Darıdere is a place where you can get away from all the stress of city life in a magnificent nature.

In fact, on the way to Darıdere, the generosity of nature starts on the way … “Now I came to Kazdağları!” Its cries leave its place to a silent feeling of admiration in the magic of the magnificent scenery.

When you come to Darıdere facilities, you see that the forest allows to open a 100 decare flat area like a tray so that “human beings come and get away from the stress of life and find themselves”. This place, which was used by the Directorate of Forestry as a nursery until 1992, is now open to the public.

Darıdere’s location

Darıdere is surrounded by the Mıhlı Stream from the north and west, and the Kazdağı National Park from the east and south. For this reason, this is an area surrounded by larch, red pine, oak, beech, hornbeam, alder, acorn, walnut, plane tree, lime, chestnut, juniper, ash, hazelnut, dogwood, yew, sandalwood, pine oak and mad poplar trees.
On the plain where Darıdere facilities are located, there are hawthorn, rosehip, wild apple, blackberry and sloe trees, as well as cherry, walnut and apple trees that you can pick from their branches and eat according to the season when you arrive.

The sound of water flowing from all sides is mixed with the sound of birds and the wind …

You can swim in the waterfalls, end the day without getting tired in the face of the abundance of oxygen, sleep comfortably at night, and wake up in the morning.

Climate characteristics

Different climatic characteristics prevail in Darıdere due to its geographical location. You will not only experience the atmosphere of Marmara and Aegean Regions here. The Kaz Mountains bring together the air currents coming from the northeast over the Black Sea and the Mediterranean air coming from the west and south directions. Therefore, Darıdere has had its fair share of this feature. You will experience the effect of the north mountain wind and the sea winds blowing from the south, as it is located between two collapses such as the Aegean Sea and the Dardanelles in the north.
When the blue waters of Edremit Bay set foot on the mainland, the ecosystem suddenly turns green. It is called “olive green”. Olive trees cover the Kaz Mountains up to 700 meters above the coast.

When going to Darıdere, it is necessary to pay attention to this detail. Where the olive trees end, the forest area begins and is adorned with a wide variety of tree species. As we continue on the road, red pine leaves its place to larch and oak as it rises. In a bend of the road, it offers you islands in deep blue sea horizons and opposite shores; In the other twist, the tones of green and the views of the mountain climb greet you. As you approach Darıdere, the fertile existence of the waters shows itself, even in the summer months, it has numerous water resources.

By the way; Larch, oak, beech, hornbeam, alder, acorn, walnut, sycamore, linden, chestnut, juniper, poplar, ash, hazelnut, dogwood, badger, sandalwood, pine oak, hawthorn, rosehip, wild apple, blackberry and sloe while watching, you notice that there is no free space along the way.

One of its important features is that forest trees of Mediterranean and Black Sea origin form a mixture. Kazdağı Fir, an endemic tree species unique to Kaz Mountain, starts at an altitude of 1000-1500 meters. It offers a magnificent view with its height of 25-30 meters. We also recommend that you drink tea made from the pine cone in Darıdere. One of the features that make Kazdağları unique is
Of course, the richness of the herbs it contains … Bay leaf, sumac, thyme (with white flower, purple and lemon scented varieties), sage (with bear’s ear and menthol varieties), olive grass, Kazdağı Fir leaf, lemon balm, marshmallow, linden, rosemary, Myrtle leaf, wormwood, black pepper, mountain mint, centaury, nettle, chestnut, golden grass …
There is no need to stress the importance of endemic plants. Kazdağı National Park hosts around 1000 plant taxa and 32 endemic plant species that grow only here. Also growing in Turkey and here is beside the 40 endemic plant, which grows only able to find 15 non-endemic plants in Turkey.

What’s in the facility …

As the name suggests, Darıdere A Type Recreation Area, Mountain House, Tent and Caravan Camping Area have various accommodation possibilities. If you want, you can bring your tent or caravan yourself or rent it from the facility. For campers staying in tents and caravans, carefully built kitchen, laundry, toilet units, as well as a refrigerator, hot shower and picnic area have been created. Table d’hote is served to camper groups upon request. Let’s specify immediately; There is one of the ponds created by Darıdere in the immediate vicinity of the camping site, anyone can swim.

The stream that gives Darıdere its name welcomes the guests at the Mountain House before reaching the pond at the camping site. The trees that sound with the blowing wind create a visual feast with all their majesty right next to the water. There, the Mountain House awaits you with its 10 rooms with underfloor heating and hot shower facilities in elaborate bathrooms. In the rooms with underfloor heating, which are put into service with a bed capacity of 30 people, wood and stone materials are used, suitable for the pleasure of staying on the mountain. You can feel the same care everywhere in the Camp Area Service Building, in the playground, in the Country Club. There is a friendly, sincere, honest and natural environment here. The Country Club has open and closed areas. In the chill of the evening or in the snowy winter months, delicious and “rich scoop” meals are served by the fireplace, mixed with conversation. You had a picnic or you tasted the delicious flavors cooked and put in front of you, you were full. There is also a slight sleep, our advice is to lay on the grass and rest your eyes a little under the shadow of the 400-year-old plane tree with the peace of the gently blowing wind. Or you can have a pleasant sleep in the hammock among the trees, read a book and spend time with sweet conversations. After resting, you can say “it’s time for sports”. You can do sports by filling your lungs with plenty of oxygen on the football field, and you can play volleyball on the field next to it. Children of all ages are welcome in the playground, don’t worry. It is free to climb the tree. For those who want to take a walk, 40,000 decares of land is ready and waiting. If you want to swim, you can start with the nearby pond, dive into the immaculate pond with its constantly refreshing water, or leave yourself to cool waters from the natural sandy area formed on its shore.

Let’s swim in the waterfall …

If you want to both walk and swim, you can cross the bridge next to the chalet and play with very cute puppies, talk to geese, watch the rooster’s solemn walk among the chickens, and then set off.

A magnificent waterfall awaits you after a 1.5-kilometer hike in nature with the sound of flowing water. In the meantime, you can leave the waterfall by car if you want, you can return by walking after swimming, and you can return by car if you want. In the meantime, apart from daily walks, those who are seriously interested in mountain sports are also provided with guided services on the tracks. For those who like to take photographs, all kinds of images of nature leave no room for words.

What’s for dinner?

For daily and boarding guests in Darıdere Country Club; Breakfast, village breakfast, meat barbecue and roasting varieties, trout on the tile, trout stew-roasting as well as pepper borani, yummy haydari and other delicious appetizers are offered. We recommend you to try the breakfast prepared with delicious cherries, pine sprouts, rosehips, wild strawberries and other jams, special goat cheese, omelet made from fresh daily egg in butter, tomatoes, cucumbers and greens. One feature should be underlined that; here electricity is produced from the running water, and hot water is supplied by using solar energy. The owner of the club, Ramazan Çengel, who thinks about the world and the future and knows the need to be sensitive to nature, has rolled up his sleeves to promote Darıdere. And it says “Those who come to Darıdere should know that it is necessary to enjoy the blessings it offers us without hurting nature.

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