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Two excellent historic hotels in India

Sardagarh Heritage Hotel

Built between 1738 and 1743 by Sardargarh Singh, one of Dhodhias’ pioneers, the hotel looks like a large ship on the high seas from a distance; When you approach it, it greets you with huge walls.

Traces of Indian culture are everywhere …

The rooms are decorated with colorful fabrics and cushions that reflect the Indian culture, while the marble floors and embroidered walls and ceilings offer traditional decoration details to you. In most of the rooms, where you can see the lake view and Aravalli mountain range from almost every room, the original textures and embroidery have been carefully preserved and carried to the present day with all their purity. Each room in the hotel has a name. The names belong to the brides who married and joined the Singh family in the Medieval period; the rooms are decorated with the brides’ favorite colors and patterns. In the palace, where there are also passages between rooms, it is possible to come across small doors and secret passages that are not used today. The hotel management, trying to adapt the rooms to today’s conditions without spoiling the originality, changed the ventilation, water systems and bathrooms, and made each room suitable for today’s conditions. You will see how elegance and exaggeration are in harmony in the interior design, where the water element is used the most precious stones and tiles of the country. As can be easily understood from the architecture, the security concern was tried to be solved with Sardargarh’s high walls, large gates and tall bastions. While the fragrant gardens adorned with fascinating plants change the charm of the houses, water was given importance in the garden landscape. The small ponds and fountains built around the buildings are in harmony with the puddle around the hotel hilltop.

Surya samudra

Surya Samudra, which is one of the most beautiful examples of traditional Theravada houses (the oldest Buddhist school that has survived to this day) has been preserved intact, proudly carries the distinction of being one of the first examples of houses with its structure that is respectful to the environment and built with natural materials. The feature that stands out in Samudra’s architecture is that it is in harmony with nature. Changing daylight with the sun rising over the ocean and setting over the ocean also changes the interior designs. Colorful, bright fabrics that have become the symbol of India, the floor decorations made with wood on the floor, and the palms planted in harmony with the blue without blocking the ocean outside, give the feeling of a different world.

Surya Samudra, which has become one of the most visited places in the region today, is proud of its preservation without being destroyed and its contribution to tourism. How would you like to be teleported to a different time with a night you spend in Samudra, which is home to tourists who come to study its architecture, even if not for accommodation?

Get ready to experience the romance of the old times with its mezzanine floor, wood-based interior decoration and baldaken bed. In addition, make sure that everything from wallpapers to the type of wood chosen is handcrafted in accordance with the old times in the accommodation. Do not assume that at Surya Samudra, which devotes itself to keeping its guests living the old times, luxury is not included and modernism is avoided. On the contrary, the hotel, which combines the architecture of the old period with the most advanced modern products of our age, is ready to give you a unique holiday with its experienced staff.

For mental and physical relaxation, Surya Samudra offers many alternatives for both mental and physical relaxation. We come across a long list of treatment methods developed with the synthesis of East and West, massages unique to Asia and Far East sports. You will not be able to say no to the massage with herbs, plant roots and oils specific to the region. You will discover the meaning of waking up in the morning with a yoga program specially prepared for you, while spa services that you can get in your room are carried out with experienced staff. Relaxed with the charm of nature, your mind and body will never forget this place. The hotel management states that visitors from many parts of the world have stayed here for long periods to learn yoga and discover the mystical feelings unique to Hindu culture and that they have changed their life philosophy through trainers.

You may find it difficult to choose activities, or you may prefer to leave everything aside and be alone with nature. You will feel your soul resting with the sound of the ocean, and you will be overwhelmed with every shade of green and a forest view appealing to your eyes. You will not be able to get enough of the sunset while having your dinner at the tables prepared by the ocean.

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