10 reasons to go to Brussels

Brussels, which means “settlement in the swamp” because it was founded on a swamp a few centuries ago, is a must-see city with its flower gardens, delicious chocolates, beer and many other features.

Medieval breezes;

When you go to Brussels, your way will definitely fall here. Grand Place, which is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The history of the square, which is famous for its architecture and the surrounding buildings, dates back to ancient times. Especially the Municipality Building, the work of JaCub Von Thien, attracts attention with its appearance dominating the square. Before taking a coffee break, you should look around the building, which is decorated with statues of saints and nobles of the time.

For a fresh, delicious meal;

You can start your day with a delicious breakfast at Pain Quotidien. Before becoming a brand, it was just a bread, Pain Quotidien, and before it became famous in France and reached everywhere with branches, it opened the first bakery in this city. We say that the day should start with a delicious breakfast at the source of Pain Quotidien. What does not come to our table are thin slices of fresh bread, homemade jams, hazelnut paste to spread on your bread, natural yoghurt brought from the farm. With the meticulousness of chef Alain Coumet since 1990, you can find this delicious breakfast at three Pain Quotidien bakeries in Brussels. A warm welcome, breakfast or hot chocolate awaits you on wooden tables. But if you come after breakfast at your hotel, then you can also taste the soups and fresh bread snacks.

The taste that leaves a mark on the palate;

Grand Place will turn your head with its restaurants and cafes, chocolatiers and lace makers. While you are here, do not miss the Belgian chocolates … You can make your own mix from the chocolatiers in the square, but let’s remind you that you will find it difficult to choose from a variety of chocolates. Chocolate fountains in the shop windows of some shops are worth seeing. Do not forget to taste the strawberries and waffles covered in chocolate and lined up on skewers.

The doors of the world of design are opening;

The Belgians, known for their fondness for their homes, created their own lines in this regard and became famous in interior decoration. Every September, many designers open their atelier doors to the public, a move called Design Septembre. In this context, special productions made in limited numbers are offered for sale at thematic exhibitions held in sales stores and workshop meetings of designers. It is an activity that decoration enthusiasts who go to Brükel in September should not miss. You can also find extensive information on websites.

All types of beer;

Even if you are not a beer drinker, we recommend that you do not leave Brussels without a beer. Drinking beer in Brussels puts it in a ritual atmosphere. Sitting in one of the sympathetic terrace cafes in many neighborhoods in the city and drinking beer at very affordable rates will give you a different pleasure. If it is at noon, one of the places I can recommend is Falstaff with its exquisite Art Deco decoration or Delirium Cafe where you can find all kinds of beers from all over the world; Moreover, you can also taste traditional dishes of Beloka here. You can also try Braserie George.

Go beyond time;

If you are wondering what future home furnishings will look like, you should visit the future home “Living Tomorrow”, a few steps from the city center. Considering the latest technological developments in the world, including all equipment for home use, robots, this house where a family will live in the future has been designed. What’s not there. Paints that warm the environment, a cave-like nursery, a futuristic kitchen, a smart mirror that sends your image to the family doctor … It is worth seeing to get a taste of future life …

Legendary characters;

Belgium also makes a name for itself with its comics. Tintin, Asterix and more. You can meet these heroes with a visit to the Center de la Bande Dessinée or the Maison de la Bande Dessinée, it will be a pleasant memory for both young and old alike. If the weather is suitable, you can also take a small tour and see a beautiful building that keeps the comic book heroes alive in their frescoes. Asterix and his friends are also depicted on the walls of the building. As you wander around, you will also see the statue of Gaston Lagaffe, creator of these heroes, in the middle of Brussels.

An elegant gift alternative;

Belgians take care of the decoration of their homes, they have created a unique Belgian style. They also have a subtle taste; they decorate their furniture with lace, porcelain objects and flowers. If you are curious, you should definitely go to Musée des Costumes et Laceles. You will be dazzled by the best examples of Belgian lace at the museum. You can buy these lace at the shops in Rue Neuve, the shopping center of Brussels. But our advice is to definitely stop by the side streets of Brussels for shopping. Here you can find many different objects at affordable prices.

Antiques or luxury brands;

Brouckere Square is, for many, the main center of Brussels. After various events that appeared one after another in the history of the city and especially the impoverishment of the 70s, today the square has taken on a surprising appearance. Around the square, old buildings that have been renovated and are still being renovated lined up side by side. Here you can shop from the city’s most popular boutiques. But for the most luxurious boutiques, Avenue Louise, a long street lined with hit brands on both sides, is worth seeing. If you are a fan of antiques, you should reach out to the Sablons and Marolles side where the antique shops are. The galleries here are so dazzling that they deserve to be seen even if you don’t buy anything.

The presentation and taste are delicious;

If you say that you want to have a good meal after walking around, Brussels is quite assertive with its mussels. A taste that will remain in your palate. The most famous address for fried mussels is a 19th century tavern: Belle Maraichère does not have an assertive appearance; but the fried mussels are delicious …

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