Striking, sparkling, super modern and extremely luxurious. Dubai treats every guest like a VIP; it drowns them in shopping, architecture and luxury. Dubai, one of the 7 emirates of the United Arab Emirates, is more a city-state than an emirate. As the modern and innovative face of the country, it also stands out in tourism and trade. 5 hours from Europe and 3 hours from most Middle East and Far East countries; It makes it an ideal spot for shopping, parties, summer vacation, gourmet trips and sports events. This is a city of glitz. Dubai, which is becoming increasingly popular in shopping, is also on the agenda of the enthusiasts with the shopping festival Dubai Shopping Festival it has recently invented. The leader Sheikh Mohammed, who was very gracious about his city and was said to not know how to say “no”, spent almost all his money and succeeded in making this growing desert metropolis one of the most special cities in the world.


Abu Dhabi, the capital and second largest city of the United Arab Emirates, counts the money it earns from oil on its T-shaped island, which may expire in 2100. It is ready to impress people with what it has, even if it is not the crazy architecture or super luxury malls that bump people like its brother Dubai. This attractive Arab city attracts people with its cosmopolitan and sophisticated nature.
The only lack of the city seems to be a fun nightlife, but if you say that you don’t have much trouble in that direction, you will see the fact that this traffic-free and clean city is the most livable place in the country. After witnessing Dubai’s becoming increasingly gigantic, Abu Dhabi is gradually modernizing with smarter investments without disturbing the comfort of being an emirate.


Dubai has a rich collection of buildings of different architectural styles. With the attack of the Arab world, modern Islamic architecture also comes to life in Dubai. There are 56 buildings over 200 meters in length in Dubai. 14 skyscrapers are more than 300 meters long, leaving behind the skyscraper giants Hong Kong and New York. There are 6 skyscrapers over 300 meters in Hong Kong and Chicago, and 4 in New York. The tallest building in the city is the 828 meter high Burj Khalifa. This building also holds the title of the tallest freestanding building on the planet and the tallest man-made building. It is followed by the 376-meter, 77-story twin towers Emirates Park Towers Hotel & Spa. The 122-story Pentominium, which is still under construction and estimated to be 516 meters when completed, is preparing to become the tallest residence in the world.


The United Arab Emirates is one of the countries that are now known for shopping. Considered an affordable destination before being discovered, Dubai is also raising its standards as the country’s currency, the United Arab Emirates Dirham, is increasingly valued. The best thing to buy from Dubai is cloth, clothing, electronics and gold. Electronic items are also sold at affordable prices.
Dubai Mall, the city’s most important and largest shopping center, opened in November 2008. The center, with more than 1200 stores, is now the largest in the world.


Wild Wadi Water Park is a wonderful place that reminds you of summer and summer in Dubai in the middle of the desert. Wild Wadi, which easily entered the top five on the list of places to see in Dubai, is also ideal for families with children. It is possible to feel yourself at the seaside with the wave pool, water slides and artificial surf machines among the fun attractions in WildWadi. Emirate’s passion for length and height is also encountered here. Rushdown Ravine takes you to a height of about 180 meters. Breakers Bay is the Middle East’s largest wave pool.


Here is Burj Al Arab, which is still on the agenda of the whole world and appears at least once a year as “hotel covered with gold” in news bulletins. The world’s only 7-star hotel and one of the tallest hotels in the world. Even though he has lost this title to the Emirates Park Tower and Rose Tower in the same city as it is now, they are not receiving even half the attention of Burj Al Arab. If you are wondering how the others lived, it is useful to take a look at this legendary hotel. If you think we’re dropping by for afternoon tea or a cocktail or two, we suggest you think a little more. Because you are accepted to the hotel by appointment. You may also need to work a bit, as sightseeing tours are prohibited when the hotel is full. It is inevitable to wait a few days for a meal and 1-2 months for the trip. Burj Al Arab, which resembles a sailboat, is 321 meters high. Night lighting is set to resemble water and fire. There are 202 suites in the 28-storey hotel, each of which is a suite. Smallest suite: 169 meters while the largest is 780 meters.


One of the first structures that turned eyes to Dubai was the Palm Islands. These Palm-shaped islands, made by filling the sea, attracted a lot of attention because they were seen from space and were a crazy idea that was never heard. The islands are named Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira in the project, which is not finished yet and is expected to consist of 3 palm-shaped islands when finished. Palm trees off the UAE in the waters of the Persian Gulf will add an additional 520 kilometers to the length of Dubai city’s coastline. The first two islands will be smaller compared to Palm Deira. With its completion, 100 luxury hotels, beach villas, apartments, marinas, water parks, restaurants, shopping centers, sports centers and spas will be put into service on the islands. The construction of the first island Jumeirah began in 2001, Palm Jebel Ali immediately after it, and Palm Deira in 2004. In fact, the islands were expected to be finished in 10-15 years, but the credit and debt crisis that hit Dubai has mixed things up a bit.


“Is there a safari in the middle of the desert?” don’t say There are not many interesting animals living in the deserts of Dubai, but this exciting and fast activity can sometimes be more exciting than African safaris. In desert safaris, you get on SUVs with specially trained guides and desert drivers and go exploring. You feel like you are riding a roller coaster on the desert hills as you drive through the desert with giant vehicles at full speed. Fearless drivers also do their best to make you feel that way. During this fun excursion that will hit the heart of speed lovers, your guide takes you up a magical hill where you can watch the sunset. After witnessing the beauty of the desert and after dark, the real fun begins. Dance and music accompany dinners held either in the desert or in an authentic place in the city. If the car still holds you, you can hide your passion for speed in the water park slides.


Each of the United Arab Emirates has greatly improved its oil wealth and modern faces, but they also know how to claim their history. Museums, holy mosques and archaeological ruins that shed light on Arab and Islamic history will definitely attract your attention among giant skyscrapers. Dubai Museum is a must for those who want to get detailed information about the Emirate and therefore the country. The history of Dubai is told through the use of technology in the modern section built under the Fahidi Castle and the castle. Jumairah, the largest and most important mosque in the city, is a unique example of Islamic architecture. You can see the best examples of Arabic calligraphy in the mosque, which was built according to the Fatimid traditions of the Middle Ages. The Ummü-Kayveyn Museum, which has been converted into a museum from an old castle in Ummül-Kayveyn, one of the lesser known emirates, also disappears and sheds light on Arab culture.


Beaches are the first reason tourists arrive in the United Arab Emirates after shopping. The UAE beaches, which are generally warm, calm and beautiful, continue to attract people, although they have been clouded due to increased construction work in recent years. It is possible to find different spots in the country, from the endless hidden beaches to the very popular private beaches. Apart from swimming and sunbathing, diving and snorkeling are the most important activities of the beaches. But for these two sports, we recommend the beaches towards the east and the shores of the Indian Ocean. Wearing a bathing suit on public beaches in Dubai can be seen as an overly disapproved behavior. If you want comfort, you can go daily to private or hotel beaches. It is possible to find many holiday villages in Ajman and Fujairah states.
Palmiye and Jumeirah can be shown as the two main beaches of Dubai.


Located in the northeast of the Persian Gulf, the United Arab Emirates is one of the rare places for scuba diving that still remains intact. It is possible to do sports such as diving, snorkeling and jet-skiing in the coastal regions of the country. Diving in the Persian Gulf was once seen as an amazing experience. Currently, work at sea, especially the Palm Islands, threatens to drastically limit visibility. Diving tours are organized in the bay to see both marine life and shipwrecks. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the vicinity of Ras al-Hayme are the most ideal places to dive in terms of visibility. The Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman contain a large portion of the world’s whale and dolphin population. Numerous turtle species and more than 700 tropical fish species can also be seen in these waters.


Dubai has added another surprise to its surprises in recent years and has given the desert heat an ice-cold indoor ski slope. Ski Dubai is the Middle East’s first indoor ski resort. It offers a unique opportunity for snowboarding, skiing or just snowballing. Regardless of your age and professionalism, you are sure to have fun here. Ski Dubai, which is open throughout the year, has 5 different tracks with different difficulty levels. The 3000 square meter snow park within the facility is also the world’s largest indoor snow park. Some unknowns about Ski Dubai: The facility is the size of 3 football fields with an area of ​​22,500 meters. The air is kept at -1 or -2 degrees in the ski center with 1500 people. Ski Dubai has a mountain theme, St. It also makes reference to real outdoor ski resorts with venues such as Moritz Café and Çığ Cafe.


One of the popular holiday destinations of the people of the Emirate of Dubai is the city of Hatta, located within the emirate. In fact, the city, which is located on the slopes of the Mountain, is gradually becoming known in the world thanks to its rich culture and nature sports. Often referred to as Hatta in Dubai, the city is higher than the main city center and its mild climate causes those who are overwhelmed by the heat to flee here. In Hatta, there are two military fortresses built in the 18th century for security. In addition to these two castles named “Iki stones”, the Juma Mosque dating from 780 is also an interesting tourism point. Juma Mosque also goes down in history as the oldest structure of Hatta. You can also see clay houses from past times in the town. Hatta Heritage Town, built in 2001, sheds light on the history of the town. In the museum, life in the old times is revived, visitors are given a journey in time.


The United Arab Emirates offers a feast for tourists from afar with its luxurious restaurants. You will never have to think too much about what to eat while you’re here; Because you will be surrounded by restaurants full of taste. Especially the largest cities Dubai and Abu Dhabi have different venues from Arabic cuisine to Italian cuisine. When it comes to nightlife, no one passes Dubai, which is more modern than other emirates and welcomes more international guests. For example, Chill Lounge (www.royalascothotel-dubai.com), one of the newest and best in the city, is located on the roof of the Royal Ascot Hotel and offers a magnificent desert view. Angar and Shahista, two special restaurants of Abu Dhabi, are also among the most popular places on the internet.


Of course, the United Arab Emirates does not only consist of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Ajman, Fujaira, Sharjah, Rasul-Hayme and Ummul-Kayveyn are the other 5 emirates that are not on the world agenda.
• Acman, the smallest emirate of the country, is one of the most affordable holiday resorts in the Middle East. Located on the west coast, Ajman has a 16-kilometer long beach in the Persian Gulf.
• Sharjah, the third biggest emirate of the country, is a place that promises more than others. Its proximity to Dubai and its coasts on both the east and west of the peninsula make Şerçe one of the ideal places for both life and vacation.
• Ummül-Kayveyn is ready to be chosen as the most beautiful emirate with its lush tree-lined coastline and small deserts. The city of Falaj Al Moalla, an oasis in the interior, is the favorite of those who want a peaceful holiday.
• Resü’l-Hayme, the small emirate at the far end of the country and the gulf, is a favorite of foreign and local tourists with its clean white beaches, desert dunes, wildlife parks.
• Fujaira, the southernmost emirate, is known as the youngest emirate as it is not on the seashore. Leaving Şerce in 1952, Füceyre does not attach much importance to touristic activities for now, as it is still in development.

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