Uruguay Travel Guide

Love at first sight is unlikely for Montevideo. They should be surprised by their architecture, from European cities, from countries in the Far East whose originality affects them, or to themselves like Cuba, “Is another world possible?” Your Montevideo tour will never be like this again. On the contrary, it is very likely that you will not find it very […]

Thailand tour planning

We’ve put together everything you need to know to plan your trip to Thailand on a tablet: What kind of trip can you expect? What cities to visit, where to prioritize, the best beaches, the best time to travel to Thailand, what to do according to your interests, nightlife, schedules and of course cost, we have gathered them all: Than […]

Hotels Rooms With The Best Accessories

The hotels where we spend our holidays can make the most enjoyable times of the year even more enjoyable for us, they may miss the pleasure… In fact, everyone’s expectations from a holiday and a wonderful holiday is different, as well as expectations from different hotels. Let’s come, we all have one thing in common: Comfort. Of course, it seems a […]

The Fall of Ikaros

Pieter Bruegel’s The Fall of Ikaros around 1555 is an impressive work that I enjoyed looking at and immersed myself in. Therefore, I wanted to take a closer look at this painting. The Fall of Ikaros, Pieter Bruegel, circa 1555. Source: web1 Let’s talk briefly about the painter… Since  Pieter Bruegel’s son is a painter, he is often referred to as […]

Fatih Sultan Mehmet

Although architecture is an area close to art, the most different aspect of painting, literature and sculpture is that you have an employer. Rarely, an architect finds the opportunity to produce without an employer or in an environment where the employer offers him unlimited freedom. I’m not saying right or wrong, that’s the nature of this. When this happens, it is not […]

Aspendos, Love and Conglomerate

Aspendos is always referred to by its theater. The story associated with its construction – how much we do not know correctly – strengthens this perception. But it would be unfair to Aspendos to be limited to the theater. Aspendos is actually a highly developed city of Pamphilia. It is a city in the series of cities, which are competing with each other […]

Damnatio Memoriae

The Latin phrase “ damnatio memoriae ” means condemning the memory. Today, since the origin of many languages ​​is based on Latin, the words that make up the phrase are familiar. “Damn” and “memory” are still used. There are some who say that languages ​​like Italian, French and Spanish, which are derived from Latin, are not the languages ​​but the dialects of Latin. Damnatio memoriae […]

Mythological Actors of Art

Mythological characters and narratives are perhaps the most widely used figures and themes in art, especially in painting and sculpture. This is probably due to the fact that many concepts, emotions, can be explained both easily and effectively using mythological characters, and that personalized counterparts of many concepts are found in mythologies. Because relations between beings can be understood more easily than […]

Hierepolis, Holy City

I came to the ancient city of Hierepolis next to Pamukkale which is famous for its white travertines 15 minutes away from Denizli. However, every time I came from Denizli by entering the South Gate from a slightly complicated area I started to visit the city. The ruins on the one hand, travertines on the one hand, museum, pool, blah blah, while […]


For a long time I could not visit the ancient city or write. When I came to Antalya to join Runatolia, I said, let’s stop by a Perge, as always with friends. I said, but the friends did not come as enthusiastic as me and some 5-star hotels, some towards Şişçi Ramadan. (Ahu-Emre reveals). Anyway, I would like to share the photos I took […]